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While waiting for my new rev 2 dual module board to arrive ,i thought i'd finish off a bot i started just after EZ Robots JD as JD was working so well as i didn't want rip his ez-b4 brain out. The legs and lower base were already printed from the stl's provided on there site as well as on thingiverse so designed a new top section to work with the breakout board using acad fusion360 new top half will house the litlle breakout board and and i2c camera mounted on the top of his lid.

hexithe photo on the left shows his current state i should finish assembling him later today the lid dome was still printing that's the bright yellow dome. it will be a good test for the breakout board , Hexi has 13 servos and have an i2c camera fitted on his lid i'm toying with making the tilt and pan mechanism which will add another servo. as the dome is semi translucent so i'll put a neopixel ring in him as that should look pretty good. I'll keep this page updated as he progresses. Download hexi's new top hexibasetop.stl and the lid hexlid.stl i print all my parts 0.2mm resolution and use 1.75mm PETG which is a great plastic once you have it dialled in which generally is print it a little slower than you would ABS and lay it down on the print bed instead of squishing it i have a metal bed with Kapton tape covering it and the bed levelled using a playing card with a loose touch so probably about 0.8mm from hotend to bed. Petg is pretty sticky stuff and if you have the head too close and start seeing blobs or hairs then your heads to close.

Below is the latest update all the plastic parts are now printed and have done some preliminary tests on the servos just sorting out a Gait algorithm to get him walking have to redo the camera front and tilt and pan as decided to use smaller JX PDI-933MG servos 3.3Kg rather than the  JX PDI-6221MG 20Kg servos used on the legs. 



I'm going to place a 16bit neopixel ring inside the dome which was printed using 1.7mm translucent yellow which changes colour depending on how the light catches it so it should be pretty cool in the dark.



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