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Basil is my Inmoov Humanoid robot the brainchild of Gael Langevin a french sculpture and designer Gael made all the stl files to print and build this magnificent robot it is not for the faint hearted my D-bot is pretty fast but basil still took me about 2 months and 6Kg of plastic to build then there are the servos most of which need to be 20Kg or greater torque his torso measures up to a 6ft human and weighs about 25Kg i have two 30Kg motors in his stomach as this where the maximum load is. I Started using the hitek servos that gael used but after breaking one while dismantling it to fit into one of the many gearboxes i tried using one of my trusty JX PDI 6221MG servos in the shoulder which and it worked well so used them throughout. 

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