My Projects
  • Espresiff web site   all the data sheets and user manuals can be found here
  • Espresiff Github site  the latest version of the IDF and arduino software our here updated regularly
  • Eclipse CDC   for the latest eclipse cdc editor oxygen at the time of writing use the installer and choose cdc
  • Arduino  for the latest ardiuno ide you'll need to follow espresiffs instructions as esp32 not supported by board manager yet.
  • PlatformIO platform io allows you to develop arduino or IDF code using many editors for your IDE bit tempremental at times.
  • lots of links to various firmware and hardware sites.
  • ESP32 Forum good place to find help from experianced users and well as sharing information.
  • Neil Kolban's  offers a free book on the ESP32 he also has a github site with lots of code snippets.
  • whitecat Lua Rtos can be found on github.
  • Elecrow   for getting your cheap PCB's.
  • BangGood this where i brought most of esp32 modules they tend to be cheap and stuff usualy arrives in about 10 - 15 days.
  • Yanbe OTA Server Came across the component while having trouble getting little lolin module inside the head to work and this component worked well.

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