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This is my go at a CNC / PCB Router started to learn how to use fusion360 and had a few parts from my old prusa i3 to D-bot build and the D-bot design gave me some pointers on fixing the frame together. i'm working on assembly instructions which i'll finalise when the open builds extrusion arrives in a week or so. most of the plastic parts could be replaced with opens builds brackets the exception being the motor mounts which would take a bit of fiddling.
for strength you should use ABS or PET-G the latter being my choice.
fusion got a but flakey with this many parts on my laptop so don't be surprised when it crashes when adding or changing things. I published this onĀ Thingiverse a while back and thought i should add it to my own site where i can add articles on firmware , hardware etc the

i'll pop the design files up over the next few days note that the full assembly model takes an age to move anything i assume due to the nuts and bolts but individual parts are easy to change.

The fusion 360 archive file is now there and i'll update as i finish new bits off if someone can let me know that it uploads and unpacks ok as i just exported from the fusion hub and put the file on here note fusion gets a bit

The Aluminum plate could be printed , not used by just attaching the mounts to the 2080 but its not expensive and should give a strong stable bed.

i have rotated the .stl files to best position to print also added the aluminium plate .stl if you want to print instead of buying and drilling.

Added initial BOM this may change once the aluminium profile arrives.

i have added updates section below

Still to do
1. add an optional mount on the back of the z axis motor mount with wheel bearings running along the 2040 beam this should allow a bigger spindle motor. (done)
2. add end stop mounts. (done)
3. add vacuum dust removal.
4. finish esp32 grbl wifi bridge and electronics case

Note that the corner brackets are based on the open builds aluminium brackets that should be a drop in replacement if you don't want to print them. also the D-bot corner brackets should also drop in although i haven't tried them

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