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singleboard300x300Having designed the dual module robot controller board which works well but its size of 100mm x 100mm makes it a little large for smaller projects like hexi so i thought it would be nice to have a board about the same size as the breakout board with some of the functions of the larger board. The single module board like its bigger brother has the io pins taken out headers with a row of gnd and Vsero pins, these are arranged in two independent banks one of 6 and the other of 10 it has 4 analogue input pins with potential divider, smoothing cap and clamping diodes, SPI , two I2C connectors in parallel a connector for connecting neopixel leds as well as HC-SR04 sensor. The board also has an audio amplifier connected to the Dac output for audio out. it has an LD11173v3 for the ESP32 module supply and the usual transistor arrangement connected to RTS CTS of the FTDI USB Serial bridge  unfortunately there wasn't room to put the motor driver fitted to the dual but i'm working on adding a plugin shield type affair which will add this functionality the board measures 63x62mm which is slightly smaller than the break out module. there is a larger 5V regulator on the Vext so the input voltage can be from 6 - 36v with the caps in the BOM although you can make it a bit cheaper by fitting 20c 22uf caps instead and lowering the input voltage to 20V the regulator will deliver 1.5Amps or if you use the ON semi part this will give 2Amps 5V output. The Gerbers and schematic are available on my downloads page so feel free to make your own board up. Notes this is a rev 1 board so may have faults my board is due here in a few days being manufactured at the time of writing at Elecrow when i'll be able to put it through its paces and if any modifications are needed i will update the Gerbers. As with the dual board i purchased the Wroom module from Banggood as they seem to be the cheapeast at the moment at around £3.50. The Boards arrived this morning only 10 days after ordering them when i started testing i found an error in that the min USB Connector was mirrored in the schematic library so had to be fitted to the bottom of the board will fully test the board a tomorrow but here's a couple of images of the completed board and the mod with use connector on the bottom.


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