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This little Chinese module is fantastic for those tight spaces where a full size module won't fit. There a selection of plugin boards for this little chap such as oled display, neopixel ring and lipo charger. surprisingly it has a usb uart bridge with buttons and transistors for rts dtr program mode. The board breaks out 8 Io pins RXD TXD and svn svp input ive used one of these in my inmoov's head to move eyes and jaw and in JD ,Hexi for neopixel lights build quality is good price is a little higher that others i paid around £8.00 from Banggood for my last few but also got some at half price wen they went on offerlolin   


4M flash 80Mhz

CH340 USB UART which runs at full speed

Runs at 240Mhz and doesn't get hot.

I give this board 9 out of 10 its a great little board for use where you haven't got much space like inside a bots head.



  • size.
  • Has a well thought out set of expansion boards


  • Not a lot of IO.
  • More expensive than others.

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