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doitI purchased this module from Banggood as they were on sale at a really silly price of about £3 and as i was in the middle of doing my break out board i just added its footprint to the board. It is sold under the Geekcreit brand but a quick look at the back of the board shows that it is a board and unlike most of the other Chinese modules has a bit of support and documentation. There is a github source code page which has a port of their nodemcu luanode among other bit and pieces.


The board has a rev 0 silicon Wroom module with 4M DIO flash memory.

It has the CP2102 USB UART bridge and runs at 2Mbaud happily.

It has less pins taken out to the headers mainly the sdcard pins so is more compact than most other modules.

It has and LD11173v3 regulator and the RTS CTS transistor switching arrangement.

This a nice good quality module which is as good as the DEV-KIT C as long as you don't want to use the SD CARD pins. It performs as well as the DEV-KIT C and like the other Chinese board does not get warm even at full speed.


  • Cheap even though it is not as cheap as when i brought it still selling at a little over £5.
  • Small footprint.
  • Fast USB UART Bridge.


  • Rev 0 Silicon (although if you stick to the errata not really a problem).

I'm giving this board 9/10 really only because of the rev 0 silicon, Its a really good module Chinese module with documentation and source code to go with it and at a third of the price of the DEV-KIT C you can't far wrong and would recommended it if your on a budget or even if your not why pay 3 times more for a board unless you want the SD card pins.

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