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I brought the Wrover from amazon at £49 as it looked like it had everything including a Jtag debugger , I have a Segger JLink Jtag which i had hooked to the Dev-Kit C with some small amount of success i could get it to see the device but when ever i tried to use wrovera break point or step the code it all crashed horribly. I had high hopes seeing that Wrover had an integrated debugger so should work perfectly , couldn't have been more wrong got everything set up ocd driver built and gdb talking to it hook the board up Jtag found fine put in a break-point and debug. At this point i discovered a new windows 10 feature the Green screen of death ( see Microsoft listen to us all moaning about the blue screen of death) as much as the new feature was great to find it was really annoying as it proceeds to do its full memory dump and diagnostic check then reboot 10 minutes later your back up and running. After several green screens of death i decided that the debugger was a pile of poo and gave up messing around with it. My next step was get all the extras running lcd, camera , SD now comes the next problem source code? documentation ? it was only after spending hours scouring the web was i able to find documentation (this has recently appeared in the idf github page) then thankfully i found some code to get the display going as it is not documented which chipset the LCD is using then first bit of test code in and running for a while then green screen of death which i eventually solved by downgrading the ftdi drivers to use normal serial usb drivers which won't allow the Jtag run but at least i don't have to sit twiddling my thumbs staring a green screen.


4M flash, 4M PSram the ram is a nice addition but at a price you have to run the flash 40Mhz or it all goes pear shaped.

LCD display.

SD Card.

JTag ?

Camera Socket.

Dual port FTDI USB UART Bridge


  • LCD.
  • SD Card.
  • 4M of ram.


  • JTag this is a poor effort crashes all the time and not much use for anything other than backtrace.
  • Poor Documentation.
  • Poor Code support been forgotten in the idf.
  • Expensive.

This board gets a big thumbs down from me 2/10 for what on paper should be a cracking board but its badly supported and almost seems Espressif produced it and then lost interest as did i just to unreliable to be of any use, your better off getting a cheap module hooking a £5.00 spi lcd on and if you really need the extra ram over the 512k already in the device then stick an external one on your self and save yourself £30 



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