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Being unfamiliar with Espressif micros i brought both of the development boards offered on Espressif web page and seemed a fairly good place to start the first to arrive was the DevKit C development board , good quality construction with two rows of pin headers which allow it to be plugged into bread board unfortunately that is about all it could be plugged into as i couldn't find any breakout board to fit it. I purchased the board from Amazon at a little over £15 the board comes equipped with a silicon labs CP2102 USB to UART bridge a couple of switches reset and the other to put it into program devkitc mode. The board has a LM11173v3 regulator to supply the power to the ESP32 module one thing i found with this board is that when running at 240Mhz the module gets quite warm and as you'll see in later reviews others don't, i can only assume that there's not much copper under the head pad on the bottom of the module. It has some transistor arrangement connected to rts cts which puts the device into program mode using the python script supplied by espressif in it's development framework ESP-IDF, never been sure what makes a framework different than an SDK.


The module fitted to the board has 4M of QIO flash which will run at 80Mhz REV 1 silicon. It has an LD11173v3 regulator or similar my old eyes struggled to read it but that's what the schematic said it was.

The CP2102 USB UART Bridge runs at higher programming speed 2MBaud

Two switches one connected to reset the other to IO0 so it can be manually put into program mode if required. It ran all the software thrown at it and even crashed on queue when i did something stupid like UN-initialised pointers.


  • Rev 1 silicon so you can get away without reading the errata (for the moment).
  • Fast USB - UART Bridge.


  • Price it is quite a lot more expensive than many other boards on the market.
  • Lack of things to plug it into which led me to design the little breakout board (Gerbers available here)

I've had hours of fun with this board and give it a 9/10 mainly as it is a lot more expensive that many other boards out there it would have been nice if Espressif had matched the foot print of their previous module the esp8266 but i suppose that's the price we pay to have more IO and faster devices any way i solved the problem by designing a little breakout board which only cost about $15.00 for 5 boards from Elecrow


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