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It is a good idea to create and use a template for your projects if you have looked at the Eclipse Oxygen article you can see it is a right pain to create every project from scratch by the time you've added paths symbols set up the tool-chain you have wasted half the day.

In this short article i'll talk you through the simple steps of creating a new project from another one. Now i always keep a template project in my workspace which just does the hello world which i use as the starting point for any new project.

The first step is to right click on your template project and select copy then right click anywhere in the project explorer window and click paste you will then be prompted for a name for new project and click Ok your new project will be created now depending on whether you have previously compiled your project or not it can take a few minutes for it to finish.

if you have previously compiled your project go into the Binaries section of your new project and deleted the original projects .elf file.

next open the Makefile in the project root and change the project name to the new name of your project and that's it your already to go.

Here's my blank template if you want to use it unzip it somewhere on your drive then click File / import menu and then in the dialog choose existing projects into workspace then click next and browse for the unzipped project then check the check box next it and check the copy projects into workspace then click finish.

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