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completed the changes correcting the few problems i found when testing also changed a few components to reduce the overall cost with most of the parts coming from Banggood and a couple of parts from ebay the board including pcb from Elecrow with there 5 boards for $4.99 comes in at a little under £10 that would be about $12 at the moment.

I received the rev two dual boards and the single module boards in super quick time from Elecrow and while assembling and starting tests on the single module board i realised that i had mirrored the mini usb connectors in the library so the pins are reversed so you have to mount the mini Usb connectors on the bottom of the board not the top to correct the problem i'll update the gerbers and schematics tomorrow .after further tests today there was a problem with serial comms as i also mirrored the transistors to auto switch to boot mode removing the two resitors will the comms to work properly but until i update eveything you have to manually put into program mode using the enable and boot mode i have also decided to change the terminal connectors to 5 mm pitch as i can get 50 of them for the price of 1 of the smaller ones and size wise it will only add a couple mm to the board. the wifi and everything else is working fine. i will do a rev to with a couple other price orientated changes as i think i get the over cost down to around the £10 mark and get the double with similar changes to around the £15 mark. i will finish the updates soon just going to finish testing the other board so i can roll them out together.


    Single Module Robot Controller Board

  Gerber Files 

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