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This site is a work in progress which contains collection of notes ,mini reviews and step by step guides to
hopefully help get you up and running with the ESP32 in robotics without some of the head scratching or
looking for a wall to bang your head against i have developed two ESP32 break boards which are free for you
to download and have made the first breakout board takes a three differant modules the ESP32 Dev-Kit C
and geekcreit the ESP32-DevKit and the second is the ESP32 Node Board both brought from Banggood the
second is a differant beast with two ESP32 WROOM modules fitted to give upto 32 Servo drives it also has
a dual channel motor driver as well as an audio amp connected to a DAC Pin full details are in the Hardware
Section of my site.

A little bit about me i recently had to retire early due to ill health after 30 years working as an
Electronics research and development engineer,
for several large company's both here in the UK,
as well as several startup's in the US.
My true passion like many of you i suspect if your looking at my site,
is finding how stuff works usually by taken it apart and putting it back together manuals and instructions put in the pile
marked read later this usually leads to a much better product as i have bits left over maybe i should of read that
manual after all.

The ESP32 was a new device for me i'm more familiar with ARM microcontroller's and DSP's and not used its predecesor
so i was starting from scratch all joking aside my first port of call was Espresiffs site to pull down the datasheet and user manual.
As started reading and eventually tinkering have just unpacked my shiney new Dev-Kit C board i starting notes and this
site is collection of information that got my environment up and running as well as tips that you might find useful.

My end goal was to use this device to add WiFi to my robotics projects particularly my printed Inmoov named Basil
(based on a character from a uk sitcom played by John Clease basil faulty) as he wasn't fully operational an a
touch faulty.
The little Arduino boards controlling Basil were struggling a bit only being able to move a few motors at
a time so i started to look for a faster micro the one thing that seemed to be lacking for the ESP32 was a breakout board
that i could be used easily
plugin lots of servos so i end up making a couple of break out boards for this purpose
as they don't cost much 5 double sided pcb's for $4.99 plus $12 shipping now a word on supplier of these boards
i used pcb shopper to find the cheapest if you stick to the defaults 100x100mm 2layer 1.6mm 0.4mm smallest hole
you'll get a whole host of cheap suppliers all between $5 - $10, i made the mistake of opting for seeed fusion for
my first board $4.98 40 days on they still haven't arrived and the customer service is very poor, i then went
for Elecrow has a good star rating and ordered both boards and from uploading the gerbers the boards arrived 15 days
later and considering the price remarkably good quality.

Anyway have a browse around the site and if you want to build either of the boards the gerbers and schematics,
are in the downloads section and the firmware will be added as i complete it.

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